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Lockdown Escape: Work & Travel From Your Teardop

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

With more and more people just needing an internet connection to be able to log into work, taking an Arizona Teardrop Adventures rig to your local campground might just be what the doctor ordered to escape the house and still get some work done.

It is always best to check with your intended campground directly, but more and more campgrounds are offering Wi-Fi as an amenity. Depending on your employers requirements you may have to provide your own internet connection to ensure privacy etc.

“Remote locations can cause internet to not be an option, but there are spots just outside the city that offer great views with decent coverage.”

If checking emails and receiving messages is all you need cell phone hot spotting may also be an option.

Office with a View

With the solar capabilities of the Pindrop Travel Trailer, you can recharge your devices while taking in the views or grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Setting up shop requires little effort, using our light weight table and chairs, included with every rental.

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