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Person sitting in Hammock next to Teardrop Trailer.


If its not listed below, please feel free to reach out.

  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes. We have delivery services available.
  • How do I make a reservation?
    We use Outdoorsy to book all of our rentals. Each Trailer page has a direct link to the Outdoorsy page that corresponds with that trailer. Outdoorsy books the reservation, handles the credit card processing, sets up the insurance, and runs a two-step verfication process.
  • Is there a security deposit required to rent a teardrop?
    Yes, there is a $1000 security deposit, the security is refundable if nothing is broken, damaged, or missing when the teardrop is returned. For more information click here: Security Deposit
  • Do I need a drivers license to rent a Teardrop through Arizona Teardrop Adventures?
    Yes, you will need to have a valid driver license. You must also be at least 25 years of age.
  • What is a Verified Driver? Is being a Verified Driver required?
    We require all renters to go thru Outdoorsy's Verified Driver process. We utilize Outdoorsy's Verified Driver service to protect both the renter and Arizona Teardrop Adventures. A two step verification is done thru Outdoorsy directly. To find out more visit: Verified Driver
  • Will I have insurance coverage during the rental of the teardrop?
    Part of the reason we choose to run our rentals thru Outdoorsy is the industry leading insurance that they offer. We understand that towing something that you don't normally tow can be nerve wrecking, that's why we partner with Outdoorsy. They offer an amazing insurance package, that includes liability coverage and comprehensive collision coverage. Learn More: Insurance Coverage
  • Can I use my own insurance and choose not to purchase the insurance thru Outdoorsy?
    No, one of the reasons that we partner with Outdoorsy is because personal insurance does not extended to rented RVs. We require all rentals, even stationary delivered rentals to have the Outdoorsy Insurance in place.
  • What size Ball is required?
    Our Teardrops use a standard 2 inch ball.
  • Will a 4 wire flat trailer plug be sufficient?
    Unfortunately, No. Our Teardrop Trailers require a seven wire round trailer connector.
  • Can you deliver to campgrounds?
    Check with the campground directly. Many campgrounds do not allow trailers to be dropped off by a third party.
  • What do I need to bring for my camping adventure?
    With the Pindrop Travel Trailer, food, drinks, and clothing is all you truly need to start out on your adventure. Or add delivery and just show up. Everything is included, pots, pans, cups, plates, cooking utensils, and even silverware.
  • Can a trailer be rented for just one night?
    We do allow one night rentals on the Utility Trailer, but all other trailers have a minimum 2 night rental.
  • Can I rent a truck to tow the Teardrop?
    The best place to contact for a truck to tow with would be Enterprise Truck Rental or UHaul.
  • Can someone else pick up the Teardrop for me?
    No, only a person listed on the Rental Agreement will be permitted to Check-Out and Return the Trailer.
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