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Recommended Adventure: Just North of Clints Well, Arizona

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Just off of State Route 87, North of Clints Well, Arizona, we found a sweet camping area along Forest Road 698.

Hidden amongst the pines we found the perfect little spot to set up for the extended 4th of July weekend.

Setting up the Pindrop at a campsite when you plan to be there for more than a night allows you to deploy more of our camping gadgets and accessories.

Location: Not too far off the payment, but still able to get to a fairly secluded spot.

Head North on State Route 87 N. Approximately four miles north of Clints Well, Arizona at mile marker 294, you will find Forest Road 698. This is where the pavement ends and the adventure begins. We were out on 4th of July weekend, so we can't speak for weekdays or none Holidays but the area is definitely popular. We had to travel a good ways back to find an open and secluded spot. Once we found our spot we pull off Forest Road 698 and started setting up camp.

Clints Well is not much of a town, I think the area is technically considered Happy Jack, but there is a gas station in Clints Well should you need last minute supplies on your adventure like we did. Never seems to be enough ice.

Connect with Nature: Fresh Air & Pines were a plenty

We were able to escape the heat of the city and reconnect with nature and the great outdoors. Lisa wondered off as usual and captured some amazing images. The Weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was easily 30 degrees cooler and there were plenty of shady spots to set up the Kelty Lowdown Camp Chairs and just enjoy the chill.

Not too far from Civilization: Clints Well is close by

No matter how well you plan and pack for your trip, inevitability a store run will be needed at some point. At least this is the case for us, when we are out adventuring. Luckily, Clints Well is just four or five miles from the turn off to the camping area we selected. Calling Clints Well a town is probably a stretch from what we saw. But the Gas Station was much appreciated since we needed to restock on ice after the second day.

Since it was 4th of July weekend, we were able to take advantage of some food trucks that set up in the parking lot of the Gas Station. There were several varieties of food to choose from including BBQ, Pizza, Hot Dogs, and Desserts. We did not get to try everything, but we did grab a couple of plates of Mac & Cheese covered with Pulled Pork. Our bellies thanked us for calling the audible and skipping the Peanut Butter and Jellies, we had scheduled for lunch that day.

Overall Great little Campsite: Worth Checking Out

It hardly took us any time to get from the Arizona Teardrop Adventures pick up location to our campsite off Forest Road 698. If you are looking for a relaxing adventure amoung the pines, we highly recommend you head out to the Clints Well Area and find yourself a sweet little campsite like we did.


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