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Recommended Adventure: Big Bear Lake, CA

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Big Bear Lake is an awesome adventure, that we definitely recommend. Quaint shops and plentiful outdoor activities make Big Bear Lake a great destination for your next adventure.

We were told that it was the hottest day of the year the day we visited, guess we brought the Arizona weather with us. But to be honest, we loved every minute of our 85 degree day.

Big Bear Lake with Mountains in the background.

Even with the lake water levels as low as they are, we were still able to find water related activities a plenty. Boat Rentals and Kayak Rentals are available thru multiple providers.

Definitely Recommend trying the Segway Tour!!!

Zipline Adventure - Flying through the Trees was Amazing!!!


Camping in the Pines was Amazing!!!

Booking in advance is definitely recommended, the Big Bear Lake area is very popular. We were able to get reservations for the Pineknot Campground, which turned out to be an amazing location. We selected campsite 29 for our recent adventure to Big Bear Lake. Our Teardrop trailer required a little maneuvering to allow for the ARB Awning Room to be deployed, but we were able to position the teardrop just right to get it done despite the campsite driveway being quite narrow.

Teardrop Trailer at Pineknot Campground with Awning Room deployed.

The Pineknot Campground is geared more towards Tent Camping but does allow smaller trailers to utilize their campsites as well. We really enjoyed the campground. There are several restrooms situated around the grounds. There are no showers on site. Each campsite has a dedicated Bear Vault to store your food goods in at night. We have never been to a campground with this type of service, it was definitely a good reminder that you must always respect Mother Nature.

There is another Campground in the area called Serrano Campground, it is the only Campground in the area that has shower services, booking in advance is definitely a must as the Serrano Campground was booked solid during the dates that we were going to be in the area.

Definitely Recommend trying the Segway Tour!!!

My Family took a little convincing to participate but the end result was an enjoyable time for everyone. We had never ridden a Segway before and were excited to try it out. Action Tours in Big Bear Lake California offers 2 hour Segway Tours that take you thru Big Bear Lake in a scenic and safe manner.

Family on Segway's with Big Bear Lake in the background.

The Tour starts off with a basic Safety Video, then you get outfitted with a radio and Helmet. After gearing up, you head out back of the shop for a quick equipment review and orientation. It is fairly straight forward to ride the Segway, it does take some practice to get used to the controls.

We had a total of 5 people on our tour, not counting the Guide. Our Guide did a great job getting everyone comfortable with their machines before we headed out on the tour. We did the Segway Tour on a weekday, so traffic was fairly light, we only crossed the major street twice during the tour and overall traffic was kind and allowed us to proceed when we encountered vehicles.

The Guide was very knowledgeable about the area and gave us some recommendations on restaurants and shops as we cruised thru the town. We went thru Eagle Point Estates which contains some of the fanciest houses in Big Bear Lake.

Overall, the Segway Tour was exciting and fun, with the Action Tours Team as our guide we were able to quickly learn the basics of riding the Segway PT and really enjoyed cruising around the town checking out the scenery and real estate.

Segway PTs parked on curb on Segway Tour in Big Bear Lake

Learn more by visiting Action Tours website directly: Action Tours Segway Info

We definitely think the Tour is worth the money and would recommend it to all our friends and family as an unique way to check out the town of Big Bear Lake.

Zipline Adventure - Flying thru the Trees was Amazing!!!

We spent our last day in Big Bear Lake with Action Tours on the Zipline Tour. We really enjoyed the Zipline Tour. You meet at the Action Tours office for a quick safety video, the Action Tours Team is very serious about your safety, their Moto is Safety First, Fun Second, but dont worry there was tons of room for fun on the tour.

We were fortunate enough to have a fairly small group for our Tour. There was a total of 6 participants, so our tour went very smoothly with very little waiting in between Ziplines. The entire Staff at Action Tours is top notch, they did an excellent job getting us set up in our harnesses and making sure we were safe through out the Zipline Experience.

It is definitely a huge adrenalin the first time you step of the platform and glide down to the next landing. The Tour Guides do a fantastic job making sure you get into the right position to take off and help slow you down and assist with a smooth landing at the next platform. We did not know what to expect as this was our first Ziplining Experience, but it was not at all difficult or scary. We definitely recommend trying out the Zipline Tour if you get the chance.

Our overall experience working with the Action Tours Team was excellent. We did both the Segway Tour and the Zipline Tour through them and would recommend that all our friends and family consider doing the same if they find themselves looking for something to do in Big Bear Lake California.

For More information on the Zipline Tour, please visit their website: Action Tours Zipline Tour

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do in Big Bear Lake. There are Jeep Badge of Honor Trails near by. There are amazing Mountain Biking Trails available. Kayak Rentals, Bike Rentals, Boat Tours, Helicopter Tours, and many other ways to entertain yourself during your stay.

Big Bear Lake is only a five and a half hour drive from the Arizona Teardrop Adventures Pick up location. Book your Teardrop and your campsite Today.


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