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Recommended Adventure: Hipcamp: The Easy Breezy for Groups and Solo

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

If you are an RV Adventurer and have not checked out Hipcamp, we strongly suggest that you check it out. We have a referral code that will allow us to receive a incentive and allow you to get a $10 discount on your first Hipcamp Reservation!! Use this Link to Sign up for Hipcamp and save on your first stay: Hipcamp Referral Link

If you have not utilized Hipcamp before, it is basically a Person to Person Platform that connects Land Owners with Adventurers looking for a safe spot to camp. We have had amazing luck so far with the Hosts that we have worked with. They are very accommodating and usually very knowledgeable about the area that their Hipcamp is in.

On our recent Adventure, we had the opportunity to spend an evening at Clifford's Easy Breezy Hipcamp listing. We were very pleased with the spot, it was a little off the beaten path but that allowed for a very secluded and private feeling. There was a fire restriction in place but we were still able to utilize our LavaBox Fire Pit to create a warm ambiance for our stay.

There was drinking water and other supplies available at "The Easy Breezy". My Wife ended up purchasing a hand made Walking Stick that she just loves.

Hipcamp is very straight forward to use, you review available options thru the app and then reach out to the Host directly with any questions. We recommend contacting the Host prior submitting your booking to avoid any confusion or availability issues.

Despite there being a Fire Restriction, We were able to utilize our LavaBox because it is classified as a propane appliance. We still recommend clearing it with the Hipcamp Host specifically but it should be good to go in most cases to fire up the Lavabox.

The Easy Breezy has a very simple shelter building available as an upgrade, that turned out to be super convenient for us. We were able to avoid deploying the ARB Awning Room by utilizing the shelter building instead.

We set up a Coleman Cot inside the shelter for our third adventurer. This allowed us to pack up even quicker than normal. The ARB Awnings can be a little challenging, especially if you are traveling alone.

We were only passing through on this adventure but The Easy Breezy is definitely on our list of Hipcamps to revisit.

The Easy Breezy has excellent views and is very secluded. We were the only campers visiting during our trip but the sites are well spaced and would afford privacy even with multiple adventurers visiting at the same time.

While quick our stay was very memorable, we played checkers from the Teardrops game collection and enjoyed the flickering light from our LavaBox.

If you would like to learn more about The Easy Breezy Hipcamp Location visit the listing here: The Easy Breezy for Groups and Solo


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