Completely Outfitted: What Exactly does that mean?

Updated: Aug 15

A comprehensive breakdown of what is available with our basic rental package and our optional add-on packages.

Arizona Teardrop Adventures' Pindrop Travel Trailer "Millie" is the ultimate camping setup, deployable in a very short period of time. Millie's overall light weight and small footprint make her a very accessible trailer, even for first time towers. There is so much to go over we had to break it into sections.

Millie with her awnings deployed.

Drone shot from overhead of Camper and gear spread out
Overhead Shot of Camper with gear spread out

Our goal is to provide an experience far superior to tent camping, while still allowing for you to get off the beaten path and enjoy nature as far from civilization as you are comfortable going.

Careful consideration was taken in which gear made the cut. Top brands like Pindrop, Kelty, ARB, Renogy, Dometic, Kammok, and BruTek were called upon to provide the equipment that ensures your camping experience will be as luxurious and worry-free as possible. Comfort and ease of use were two of the deciding factors we considered when outfitting our trailer.

Everything you need to have an Epic Adventure is included.

Between the Galley Kitchen, Interior Cabin, and Safety and Extras, there is a lot to cover when it comes to everything that is available with our Teardrop Camper. This guide is a current summary of our available equipment. As time goes on, items will be replaced and restocked, so please check with us directly if you are interested in making sure a specific item is currently included in our campers equipment.

Rear Galley Kitchen: Eating on your adventure can be gourmet.

Interior Cabin: Not just for sleeping, but mainly for sleeping.

Annex Room and Other Options: Included with your Rental.

Kammok Hammock System and LavaBox Fire Box: Our Main Paid Additions


Rear Galley Kitchen: Ensuring you can eat gourmet while out in the boonies!

Teardrop Galley open with Kelty Awning deployed.
Teardrop Galley open with Kelty Awning deployed.

Our Kelty Sideroads Awning provides protection for your chef from the sun and elements. Ample storage with access to several must have amenities. The Galley Kitchen includes a two burner stove and a 25qt Dometic Refrigerator. We have equipped the galley kitchen with pots and pans as well as utensils, cutting boards, knifes, basic spices and plates and cups. Both coffee cups and larger beverage size cups are included.

Tasty Breakfast with desert background.
Countertop space above Dometic Fridge

We have tried to include everything you would need to feel at home in our galley kitchen. We selected the BruTek BaseCamp French Press to handle coffee duties in Millie. With it's patented Bru-Stop technology the last cup of coffee is as fresh as the first cup that you pour. Make sure your favorite creamer is on your list for the grocery run, so that your morning cup of brew can be perfect.

Coffee Set on Dining Table outside Teardrop.
Getting Ready for Breakfast.

With coffee brewing covered, we also include a Simple Modern Wine Bottle and Tumbler set, and a Snow Fox Cocktail Shaker and Martini Glass set to ensure you can abide by any possible glass container restrictions, while still enjoying your favorite adult beverages.

8 x 8 Annex room with walls or screens for entertaining or sleeping
Awning Room with insulated walls or screens for added entertainment
Glass free Adult beverages in style. Set pictured is cocktail shaker with two martini style matching cups
Adult beverages in glass free barware sets

In addition to having glass free adult beverage items, like the martini glasses and wine tumblers, we have Reduce Can Coolers to help keep your favorite canned beverages cold longer. The sweat free vacuum sealed design offers 4 in 1 convenience by fitting multiple size cans and bottles. The Reduce Can Coolers can keep your drink cool up to 4 hours. 16oz Silipint silicone cups and shot glasses are available to house your beverage of choice without worrying that glass is not allowed or that the glass might be dropped and broken.

Four REI Co-op Coffee Mugs with lids are on standby to offer a covered drink option should a covered beverage holder be called for. Several stainless steel straws are packed in the utensil drawer should you like to consume your drink with a straw.

Speaking of the Utensil Drawer, what kitchen would be complete without a Utensil Drawer. Enclosed within this drawer is a GSI Outdoors Rakau Knife Set, a 13 piece Manna Stainless Steel Straw set, a Wealer's 11 piece Camp Kitchen Cooking Utensil set, a Bisgear Silverware Tote with a 4 place setting worth of silverware, ziplock bags, can opener, mustache shish-kabob skewers, aluminum foil, measuring cups, and few other items.

Utility Drawer fully stocked with all cooking utensils for all your cooking needs
Fully stocked Utility drawer in Kitchen galley

Under the sink, there are cleaning supplies a