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Camper Rentals with a little more to offer

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Arizona Teardrop Adventures offers fully equipped campers for rent.

We started going out camping less and less, but it wasn't because we stopped loving the outdoors or developed an allergy to the sun. We had what we call "Tent-inidious", not an official condition obviously but something we needed to remedy. We are Arizona Natives, so escaping the grueling heat of the valley's summers is basically a survival tactic. 115 degrees has a certain effect on you.

Basic Tent Campsite with Mountains in the background

We quickly realized we were going out camping less and less because of some health issues, arthritis is unfortunately a real condition, and needed to find a way to simplify the process of getting all of our gear packed and ready for a trip. We did not have a dedicated space for everything, so it ended up being quite the production getting everything rounded up. After quite a bit of research and investigating, we decided getting a Teardrop Camper was the best solution to our desire to simplify our camping experience. By having everything already packed and ready to go at the drop of a hat, we were able to eliminate a significant amount of the prep work that was needed to go out on an adventure.

After just a couple of nights camping in our new Teardrop, we knew we made the right decision. The Pindrop Travel Trailer that we selected was already well equipped when we purchased it, but we have definitely dialed it in with our preferred gear and accessories.

Renting Our Teardrop gives you access to all our Gear!

We include everything you need to get out on your adventure. You only need to worry about clothes and food. We recommend a secondary cooler/ice chest when renting "Millie". We have a 25qt Dometic Fridge in the Galley, but find having an ice chest for drinks is definitely recommended. We include 2 Kelty Camping Chairs, a Kelty Loveseat, Kammock Swiftlet Hammock Stand & Hammocks, Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch, and up to 4 Dining stools and this is just the seating and lounging equipment that's included.

Our Galley Kitchen is well equipped as well. We have everything you need to keep your squad fueled and ready to tackle your next adventure. Pots, Pans, and Cooking Utensils are on stand by to ensure you can knock your grub out properly. Our Kitchen gear does not end with prep either, you will find Plates, Cups, and Mugs to house your beverages as well as forks, knives, and spoons to keep your from having to eat just finger foods. Coffee duties have been delegated to our BruTrek French Press.

When it's time to call it a night, "Millie" has you covered there as well. Fresh linens and comfy pillows are on deck to get you to slumberland in comfort. A cabin fan with a multitude of settings handles keeping your air fresh and cool. We utilize the cabinets inside the Teardrop

to store several pieces of gear that you will certainly want to check out. We have Headlamps, Flashlights, and Lanterns. There are several games and other items to make sure you have plenty of things to do while out in the great outdoors. There is a blue tooth stereo in the Cabin that you can leverage to listen to music while you are camping.

We really enjoy snuggling up in the Teardrop after a long day of adventuring and we know you will to.

AirBnB on Wheels

Our Goal is to ensure that you can leave your camping gear at home. We have everything you need to get out into the the great outdoors. You don't need to pack anything but food and clothes. We even include games to help keep you entertained at camp. We hope you consider booking a Camper Rental with Arizona Teardrop Adventures. You will not be disappointed.


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