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Teardrop Trailer Rental Set-Up: Included Gear Use Recommendations

Each campsite requires some tweaking to get perfect, but we do have some basic recommendations to help you take full advantage of your Camper Rental and all the included gear.

"Mille" the Pindrop Trailer is somewhat deceiving, her packed up footprint is compact. When you go to select your campsite, make sure to leave room on at least one side to deploy the ARB Awning and ARB Deluxe Awning Room. We will often deploy both awnings when we are planning to stay more than one night in the same spot.

We include a plethora of gear to enhance your camping experience. We will try to highlight a few of our favorite items, that we end up using every single trip.

Tip #1 - Use the ARB Awnings and ARB Deluxe Awning Room

The ARB Deluxe Awning Room basically doubles your living area and gives you a spot to store any excess gear that you need to remove from the cabin area for sleeping. The Deluxe Awning Room can serve as second sleeping area when needed, we often use it as our Hang Out area, Changing Room, Screen Room, you name we have probably used it for that.

Tip #2 - Use the CGear SandFree RV Mat

We usually deploy the CGear Sandfree RV Mat on the opposite side of the Trailer to the ARB Deluxe Awning Room. When placed under the ARB Awning, it creates an amazing space to set-up the REI West Elm Dining Table and Stools.

"Whether you're in for a feast or just laying out snacks, the REI Co-op + West Elm Outward Dining Table will come in handy. It has a heat-resistant top that rolls up when it's time to break camp." – REI

Tip #3 - Set up A Clean Up Area

We include several tables, we recommend using the Coleman Roll-Out Camping Table as the Clean-Up Area Table. We include two pop-up sinks and a pop-up strainer to help with creating

your clean-up station. We usually set this area up close to one of the quick connect water spickets to give you access to pressurized water for dish washing. With limited water supplies, it is important to keep water conservation in mind at all times. When washing dishes, we typically will fill one sink with soapy water and reserve the second sink as a rinse station to help conserve water. We include biodegradable soaps for both dish and showering purposes. This allows us to dispose of our grey water without worrying about its impact on our campsite.

Tip #4 - Where are you going to Go

It's inevitable, Nature will call. We recommend squaring away your restroom plans fairly soon after arriving at camp. If you are at a Campground with facilities, this is as easy as locating where the Restroom is compared to your Campsite. When out dry camping, this necessary evil takes a little more planning. Arizona Teardrop Adventures is a strong supporter of the Leave No Trace philosophy. We provide 2 options in our trailers that do not include on board restroom facilities. We include the Thunderbox as one option and we include the Instaprivy as well. When setting up the Thunderbox, we will typically find a spot a comfortable distance from the main campsite and deploy a privacy tent and stick the Thunderbox inside. The Instaprivy is basically a Restroom in a backpack. You can take it with you to find your secluded spot and address the business at hand. Both set ups include waste bags specifically designed to handle the call of nature. We do recommend finding a tree to pee when possible, urine fills up the waste bags quickly and presents a more challenging disposal process.

Tip #5 - Tent Stakes and Guy Ropes

When deploying the ARB Awnings, ARB Deluxe Awning Room, and Kelty H2Go Privacy Tent it is very important to use the tent stakes and guy ropes provided. During our trailer orientation, we will make sure to show you how to deploy the awning and guy ropes for the awning. You never know when a gust of wind will tear thru your campsite. While the awning are sturdy, it does not take a very strong breeze to cause damage to the awnings. We recommend deploying one item completely before moving to the next. Completely secure the first awning with the stakes, guy ropes and all, before moving to the next awning or the awning room.

Making your Camping Trip Amazing is our Goal

Arizona Teardrop Adventures main goal is to assist our customers with enjoying the great outdoors. We have carefully curated a set of exceptional gear to take your Camper Rental to the next level. Leave your tent at home and rent one of our fully equipped Rental Trailers today.

Feel free to use the sponsored links through out the article to purchase this gear for your personal rig. Using the links helps Arizona Teardrop Adventures continue to bring gear recommendations and tips.