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CGEAR Original RV Camping Mat: Really helps keep the inside of your rig clean

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

The CGEAR Original RV Camping Mat helps keep the inside of the Teardrop clean!

We usually place the CGEAR Camping Mat outside the Teardrop on the opposite side that we deploy the ARB Awning Room. It really helps filter down some of the dirt and dust. We include a CGEAR Mat with every rental. Get Yours thru our Amazon Link here: CGEAR RV Camping Mat

Teardrop with CGEAR RV MAT deployed

One-Of-A-Kind Sandfree Technology: Your RV camping experiences just got a major upgrade. CGEAR’s original permeable, environmentally gentle mats are unlike any other. The unique weave construction allows wind, soil, moisture, and sunlight to easily pass through—turf or grass underneath won’t be harmed—so you can use this tough, military-grade mat in our gorgeous national parks without a worry. Place it outside your Teardrop for a modern, tidy patio setting.

Easy to Store: Storage Bag included

CGEAR RV Mat and Carrying Tote

It packs neatly in a handy carrying tote for breezy transport and is simple to use, with sturdy D-rings at each corner to stake it down wherever adventure takes you.. The exceptionally strong high-tech flow-through weave is hard to get dirty but easy to clean with a simple water rinse.

We recommend deploying the CGEAR mat at every destination.

Dirt and Sand: Don't Stand a Chance

The construction of this Mat really is what makes it special. The weave construction allows dirt and sand to pass right thru keeping it outside instead of inside the cabin in your sleeping area. We were skeptical at first but it really works well. If the Mat ever gets too dirty, a quick spray from the hose usually does the trick. We have had to give the Mat a good scrub after a weekend with our nieces and nephews. Lets just say mini chocolate chips do not pass thru the weave like dirt and sand do.

We really love the CGEAR Mat and already have plans to add another one to our rental package. That way we can place one in the Galley area as well.

Different Sizes Available: One size does not fit all

The CGEAR RV Mat comes in 3 different sizes depending on your rig and needs. The 8'x11' size works great for our Teardrop Trailer. We will most likely get the same size for our second one. CGEAR has 14' and 20' lengths available as well.

CGEAR makes different styles as well. Their Original Camping Mat collection features square dimensions like 8'x8', instead of the rectangle dimensions of the RV Camping Mat collection. Be sure to consider the different options depending on how you plan to use your mat.

Teardrop Trailer with Dining Table set up on top of the CGEAR RV Camping Mat

We like to place our Dining Table and Stools on top of the CGEAR Mat, it really matches our Brutek French Press Coffee set very nicely.

Color Options: Fitting in with the rest of your gear

The CGEAR RV Camping Mats come in 2 main color options; Blue & Green / Orange & Agave. We chose the Orange and Agave for our Pindrop Trailer. CGEAR includes other color options with some of their other Mat products be sure to check them out.

If you are interested in purchasing your own CGEAR RV Camping Mats, please consider using our affiliate link below. It helps support Arizona Teardrop Adventures to continue to bring you gear recommendations and other useful content.

CGEAR RV Camping Mats can be purchased here: CGEAR RV CAMPING MAT


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