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Recommended Adventures: Cave Creek Group Campground

Updated: May 17, 2022

Reservations are required, but the site can accommodate large groups up to 50 people

Cave Creek Group Campground Entrance

We booked a recent family get-together at Cave Creek Group Campground. It is a very beautiful area with a humongous Ramada Area with multiple charcoal grills ready to cook for and feed an army. According to the reservation options you can accommodate up to 50 people at this site. We did not have nearly that many people but we did make great use of the Ramada area none the less.

Using the Beat That Game that's included with our Teardrop rental, we turned the Ramada area into a laugh factory. We had a ton of fun out of the sun under the Ramada. The kids enjoyed a good laugh with the crazy challenges that the game makes you do.

Make a Reservation

Reservations are required 100% of the time. Make sure to plan ahead the spot is very popular.

Amazing Experience

It was amazing to have the entire facility to ourselves. We recommend closing the gate once everyone in your party arrives, there are other areas close by that do not require a reservation and closing the gate keeps others searching for a spot from coming into area.

There are vault toilets on site, but no running water.

The Ramada Area is huge. Tons of concrete picnic tables, and a concrete prep area, next to the charcoal grills, make for a great area to cook food and gather to eat.

Massive Ramada Area

Tons of Spots to set up camp

There are tons of spots to choose from to set up your camper or tent. We had 4 separate families with us on our adventure. We had 3 Tent camp sites plus we fully deployed the Teardrop. There are several established fire rings throughout the facility. We had an amazing time sitting around the fire, eating smores and telling ghost stories.

Stuff to do

There is a near by recreational area that is close to the stream. The kids loved wandering around thru the trees and splashing around in the water.

Water levels were low during our visit.

We loved it

We set up our badminton set, played Bulzibuckets, played Beat That, UNO, and had a ton of fun. We went on a hike and had a ton of laughs. Our family gathering turned out amazing, and we would definitely recommend the spot if you are planning a get-together as well.

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