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Biolite AlpenGlow 500: An amazing lantern in a portable package.

Updated: May 14, 2022

This rechargeable led color changing light is way more fun than we were expecting.

Its portable size makes it a perfect addition to the Pindrop Travel Trailer or any other space challenged rig you might be considering it for.

The AlpenGlow 500 Multicolor USB Lantern is a high-efficiency lantern that can even offer some of its battery life to your cell phone or other USB devices.

We were looking for a lantern that would be able to add some ambiance to our campsite, we definitely found what we were looking for. The Biolite AlpenGlow 500 is loaded with lighting options, it has 4 standard modes and 4 secondary modes to bring you a plethora of lighting options and effects. We use ours inside the Pindrop as well as the ARB Awning Room. It is pretty tricky to properly capture this lanterns beauty with your camera.

First Impressions

The multitude of settings and options can be a little overwhelming at first, but the intuitive controls and instruction sheet make mastering the lantern a breeze. The packaging is well done and make you feel like you are in for a premium experience. Once we charged it up, using the AlpenGlow is very user friendly

Fits Our Use Well

We love the AlpenGlow 500, it's small size allows us to store it in the Pindrop's interior cabinet with our other lighting gear. We like our gadgets to say the least. We use it to light our sleeping area with a sunset type glow to help set the mood. We use it in the ARB Awning Room to provide extra light while playing cards, the Candle Flicker setting is great for a romantic dining experience.

In addition to offering light its self, we also use it to power our BioLite SiteLight String lights. This lantern is super versatile and just plain fun.

We definitely Recommend it

Space is always a consideration when outfitting our teardrop, despite its small size, the AlpenGlow puts out an impressive amount of light and an amazing variety of colors and hues. It also powers a set of string lights that we have as well so it can allow us to really light up a picnic table area very well. While it is not the least expensive lantern that we carry in the Teardrop it is the most fun. We definitely recommend checking out Biolite's different lighting products, we absolutely love our AlpenGlow 500 and our SiteLight String Lights.

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