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Restroom Options: When U gotta go, U gotta go!

Updated: May 30, 2022

Arizona Teardrop Adventures offers 2 different options for taking care of business depending on your campsite set-up and situation.

The Pindrop Travel Trailer does not have any indoor facilities to offer. But even if your campsite does not have dedicated restroom facilities, we have you covered. We include with our basic rental package 2 transportable toilet options.

While at camp, we recommend setting up the Thunderbox inside the Pop-up Privacy Shelter.

Teardrop Trailer with Awnings and Pop-up Shelter deployed
"Millie" with Awnings and Pop-up Shelter deployed

We also include an Instaprivy Backpack, that you can take on a hike or setup instantly if need be. Check out more info on the Instaprivy here: Instaprivy

Solutions for when nature calls....

Spend enough time in the woods and eventually you will find nature calling. As awkward as it is to talk about sometimes, we all need a place to take care of our "business" while out on an adventure. The Teardrop Trailer we offer does not include indoor restroom or shower facilities. When you are at a campground that offers those services, we strongly recommend using those for ease of use and disposal purposes. However, we enjoy dry camping just as much as many of our fellow adventurers, so we also include 2 different options for when you find a need to wander off with a roll of toilet paper. If you just have to pee and don't need a seat, its best to find a tree.


Leave No Trace: Leave Arizona Better than You Found It

Arizona Teardrop Adventures wants to make sure that the Arizona Wilderness is available for everyone to enjoy for many generations into the future. We ask that our renters do their part as well. We include specially designed waste bags that will assist with disposing of your waste in a sanitary and eco-friendly way.

Forest Service Warning Sign about keeping Camping Areas clean

ThunderBox Outback Toilet

Arizona Teardrop Adventures selected ThunderBox for it's rugged durability. ThunderBox is easy to use, easy to clean, stable, and strong. There is no assembly required, take it out of the bag and in seconds it's ready to use. Learn more about ThunderBox here: ThunderBox

Included with our trailers that do not have indoor restroom facilities, ThunderBox is very straight forward to use. Once you have found your campsite, deploying the different awnings and privacy rooms should be one of the first orders of business. You never know when nature will call. We include a Kelty Discovery H2GO Shower Tent with our basic rental. Doubling as a shower and privacy shelter, the Discovery H2GO is built to provide coverage as you do what you need to do. Steel poles ensure added stability, while the free-standing design makes for easy set-up. A large zippered door provides quick access (you might need it), and internal wall pockets keep all of your essentials within reach.

Built in Australia for Outback conditions, this is no prissy privy! Made of wood and steel, there’s not a scrap of plastic here. ThunderBox is designed to hold up to 500lbs. But yet, it’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to bring along on long-term expeditions or overnight adventures.

You unfold the ThunderBox, place the Double Duty Waste bags inside and close the lid. We recommend scooping some dirt or pine needles over the waste in between uses. We recommend switching out the bags every day to ensure that the contents can be properly sealed until you can dispose of them. Urine fills up the waste bag very quickly, so when possible if you can stand to pee, its best to find tree.

Once sealed the waste bag can be disposed of in a Trash Can or put out with your garbage at home.

InstaPrivy: Take "going" on the go!

Instaprivy is the most portable and versatile restroom option we could find. It only weighs 7lbs. and is self-contained in a sturdy backpack. You can take it with you on a hike or easily grab it from the trailer in a roadside "emergency". The Instaprivy Backpack has everything you need to take care of business including an instantly deployable personal privacy tent. Contained within the Backpack is a fold-out toilet seat, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, Waste Bag Kits, Restop2 Waste bags, a small shovel, and the Privacy Tent.

Using the Instaprivy is super easy. Inside the backpack, you remove the fold-out toilet seat and unfold the legs. Grab a Waste Bag from the Waste Bag Kit and wrap the bag around the legs of the toilet seat and close the seat down over the bag. You can also dig a hole and place the toilet seat over the hole as a secondary option. Once the toilet seat is set up, if needed, you can deploy the personal privacy tent and drape it over yourself for instant privacy. The Waste Bag Kit includes a gel paid to help contain the liquid waste. It is recommended that if you don't need to sit to pee, you should find a tree as urine fills the waste bags very quickly.

Get your own Instaprivy thru our affiliate link and we get a little something as well: Instaprivy

Keeping the Leave No Trace mentality in mind, digging a hole should be avoided when possible but if you are forced to use the "cat hole" method. Keep in mind some areas forbid this method all together, so make sure to research what is allowed in the area you plan to adventure in.


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