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Coleman Camp Oven: Fresh Brownie by the Lake, Yes Please!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Amp up your next camping trip with piping hot brownies fresh from the oven!

The Coleman Camp Oven is an available item in our Teardrop Rental Set-up.

We are able to pop the Coleman Camp Oven out of the cabinet and set it up in just a couple of minutes. It takes a little bit of practice and adjusting to the get the temperature set, but it definitely does the job and allows us to expand our cooking choices while out adventuring.

Packs Up Pretty Small

Space in our teardrop comes in high demand, so we try not to include/pack things that don't get used. The Coleman Camp Oven collapses and folds down into a pretty manageable size. We use a small box to pack the oven and baking accessories into.

Coleman Camp Oven folded up ready for transportation

Works as Expected

My wife was a baker professionally for many moons and she says that the Coleman Camp Oven does a good job performing like a normal oven. We did have to select smaller sized baking accessories due to the limited space inside of the oven but since most of our adventures its just the two of us, the smaller size helps keep us from making too much food at once. Not that you can ever have too much brownies right.

Brownie mix and other items on the Teardrop countertop

Setting up the Oven is a breeze

To set up the oven you simply unfold it, once its unfolded the top and the bottom fold out to complete the oven's box. A small latch on the top and bottom slide into place to help hold the oven together.

Once constructed you place the oven over the burner on your camp stove. Utilizing the burner as a heat source the oven heats up pretty fast. It takes a little watching and adjusting to get/keep the oven at temperature.

We have used the oven to make brownies and biscuits, so far. We have plans to use the oven more as we continue to get out and adventure in the teardrop.

Coleman Camp Oven with door open

We recommend picking up a Coleman Camp Oven

Fighting the urge to visit a new restaurant while adventuring is a real thing for us. Being able to add some variety like biscuits and gravy for breakfast or fresh brownies instead of smores helps us fight those urges to eat out and helps keep us on track with our adventure budget.

Just like the Camp Stove the Coleman Camp Oven does struggle with windy conditions. Our Teardrop has wind guards that we can use but if it is extremely windy it can be difficult to keep the oven at the desired temperature. We have read that adding a square pizza stone to the bottom of the oven can help with holding the temperature steady. We will update our blog once the pizza stone arrives and has been tested.

If you are interested in getting your own Coleman Camp Oven, please consider using the link below. It is an affiliate link that will help us continue to bring you content and gear recommendations.

Find the Coleman Camp Oven on Amazon here: Coleman Camp Oven


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