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Recommended Gear: ARB Deluxe Awning Room

The ARB Deluxe Awning Room creates an amazing living space to leverage when adventuring in our teardrop trailer.

We had one renter state that he would not even consider a teardrop trailer without an awning room after experiencing the ARB Deluxe Awning Room.

Packing away easily into the provided storage bag, the ARB Deluxe Awning Room serves multiple duties when we are out adventuring. We use it as a Gear Storage, a Changing Room, a screened in Dining Room, a Bedroom, and a number of other uses. It creates a massive protected area right next to the camper.

Included as a Recommended Option on our Rentals

As we mentioned earlier, the ARB Deluxe Awning Room does not come highly recommended by just us. We include it as a free option with our teardrop rental package and have received rave reviews from everyone that uses it. It packs down to the size of a large duffle bag and we typically just stuff it in the cabin with the other gear that is stored in there.

Setting Up the ARB Deluxe Awning Room is pretty straight forward

After deploying the ARB 2500 x 2500 Awning, setting up the ARB Deluxe Awning Room is fairly easy. Easily setup by one person the ARB Deluxe Awning Room just rolls out and uses a series of zippers, clips, and other attachments to secure the room to the awning structure.

Once the ARB Deluxe Awning Room is deployed, we like to set up our Kelty Lowdown Loveseat and Chairs to create a protected lounging area.

The ARB Deluxe Awning Room can be opened all the way up or closed up with just screens or completely closed for warmth or privacy.

Extra Sleeping Space when needed

Our Teardrop Camper has a queen size bed in the cabin, but lets face it sometimes you want to bring more than two people on your adventure. The ARB Deluxe Awning Room makes a very good sized sleeping tent when called upon to complete that task. We used it to house our 13 year old son perfectly on many occasions. Depending on your crews level of comfort with snuggling up, I bet you could fit 6 people based on "standard tent sleeping space diagrams".

We are looking into getting the portable bunk bed setup, but currently offer 2 Coleman Folding Camp Cots to expand the sleeping capacity of our trailer.

We recommend that every renter include it in their rental

It truly does create a very flexible and usable living space. Since our teardrop does not have the ceiling height to allow you to stand up inside having the ARB Deluxe Awning Room is a game changer. We really like that it is fully enclosed including a floor. Having the option to close out the bugs but not the breeze with the screen panels is nice. When bugs aren't an issue you can even tie back the screens for a completely open experience.

We highly recommend the ARB Awning and ARB Deluxe Awning Room, we have used them on almost every adventure that we have been on. Please use our affiliate link to purchase yours, it helps us continue to bring product recommendations and reviews to you.

Amazon link for ARB Awning: ARB Awning 2500 x 2500

Amazon link for ARB Deluxe Awning Room: ARB Deluxe Awning Room

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