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Why We Love Teardrop Travel

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

With such a small footprint the teardrop enables our adventurers the ability to go where larger rigs would not allow.

Larger Trailers cause a larger impact to gas mileage. Larger Travel Trailers limit what trail and area that you can get to. The Pindrop Travel Trailer is designed to be self contained and self reliant. With proper placement for solar collection extended trips are possible while still operating the 12v Dometic refrigerator.

Teardrop with awning and hammock stand set up.
Solar Powered Teardrop
“Sometimes, finding the spot you want to set up takes longer than the setup itself.”

We include everything needed to ensure your campsite is well equipped. Included in our basic rental package is a full set of pots and pans from Wealers. Forks, Spoons, and Knifes and Preparation Utensils are also included. The Galley Kitchen has 2 burner stove along with 12v 25qt Dometic Refrigerator. Limited 110v power is available thru a 1000w invertor.

Several Add On Packages Available

Kammok Swiftlet Stand with both a Double Roo Kammok and a Single Roo Kammok available as an add on package.

Lavabox Firebox Package available. Includes Lavabox plus a 20 pound Propane Tank.

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