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Best Spots to Watch the Sunset in Arizona

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Arizona horizons don't even need sunsets to be eye catching, but there are quite a few places that you can set up camp and catch some amazing views of the Arizona Sun closing up shop for the day.

Sunsets can be tricky to catch with your cell phone camera, but sometimes the images you capture with your actual eye are more memorable than the ones that end up on your sd card.

Teardrop Trailer with desert background.
“Setting up camp is straightforward and simple. Even when starting out late, we are able to get set up in time to enjoy the sunset.”

From the Grand Canyon to the Mexico border and everywhere in between, Arizona offers some of the most scenic sunset spots in the world.

Remember to protect yourself while chasing sunsets.

Sunblock is not just for pools, beaches, and lakes. I can't stress enough how important it is to ensure that you bring and apply multiple times a day sunscreen. The Arizona Sun is especially brutal and the last thing you want is to cause avoidable damage to your skin.

Arizona Teardrop Adventures recommends using a minimum of a SPF50 when selecting sunscreen for your adventures out in the sun.

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